Signs and Designs
Refund Policy
All sales are final. Since we customize each order according to your file and exact specifications, no refunds are given once we start working on your order, which means Signs and Designs, Inc. has received your necessary materials (i.e. digital files and payment) and has begun work on your job (i.e. your job is in production).

In some cases, a partial or full refund may be extended to you if no work has been completed by Signs and Designs, Inc. for a specific order. Such refund would be adjusted to cover any fees charged for proofs or other services associated with that order as well as merchant bank fees on credit card transactions.

Each order made by Signs and Designs, Inc. is a contract between you, as the customer making the order, and Signs and Designs, Inc. The fact that you have made an order on behalf of a third party does not absolve you of liability to Signs and Designs, Inc. As such, any decision by the third party not to accept the particular items printed or to cancel the order with you does not affect your liability to Signs and Designs, Inc.

Liability for Errors in Files
Signs and Designs, Inc. is not liable for errors in a final product caused by files submitted by customers. Examples include: Misspelling, Graphics, Bleeds, Grammar, Damage Fonts, Punctuation, Die Lines, Crop Marks, Transparency, Overprint, or Finished Product Size. Signs and Designs, Inc. does not make any changes on customer files unless specifically and separately requested by you and agreed to by us in writing.
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